Moxey Technology

Web-based system

Moxey spent 6 years in the development to create the "ultimate" trade currency software system. The actual programming of code began in the fall of 2008. The Moxey Management System (MMS) went "live" in the spring of 2010. Since that time it has continued to have many enhancements and developments designed to enrich the experience of our users.


Our goal is to make a Moxey transaction as easy to use and immediate to process as any familiar online banking, card swipe, and/or a mobile app transaction. MMS is a web-based system that utilizes both web, mobile, and swipe card technologies.

Swipe Card capable

For restaurants, high traffic retail, and service locations, a Moxey specific swipe card terminal can be installed that provides the user the experience of a typical "credit card" type transaction.

These terminals are not connected through a merchant provider (no associated merchant processing fees or batch settlement processes), but have been designed to simply connect directly to MMS through the internet, conducting a transaction simply and quickly.

Mobile Applications and Processing tools

On the go? Try the Moxey Mobile App! It not only allows users to process live and secure transactions directly from their mobile device with activated data service, but also tools to allow member account management and directory search of members with mapping capabilities linked directly to their device's GPS capabilities.

Want to know a list of Moxey restaurants in the network that are available and close to your current location? It takes literally the press of one button! Make a selection and get a map and driving directions.


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