The Front Porch Project BR Collaboration

Updated: Mar 25

Local Photographers:

We are asking YOU to join our mission to support our local businesses in Baton Rouge and uplift the spirits of the communities we serve with #TheFrontPorchProjectBR

Our vision is to give you the tools to reach out to your community in a way that promotes the Pay It Forward concept.

  • You get connected to people in the community who are inspired by this project.

  • You schedule a short 5-10 minute photo session for free

  • We ask that the client Pays it Forward with purchasing a gift card from their favorite local business (not required, but encouraged)

  • You give the client 1 hi-res photo of their choice with the opportunity for them to buy the other photos that you have taken

  • You now have opened the door with this new client for future work

  • Everybody wins!

How we can help

  • We have a powerful concept, brand and hashtag that has taken off already.

  • You may use all the content that we produce to help promote your effort in your area.

  • We can provide a consultation on logistics - we have this down to a science and we are always tweaking to improve. Book a call with Aimee HERE if you have any questions.

Adhere to these guidelines:

  • Follow all local guidelines for Social Distancing in your area. Safety first is our primary concern for your and all of our community.

  • Request that your family buy a gift certificate to a local business, charity, musician or artist.

  • Post the images in The Front Porch Project Facebook Group using this template.

Let’s join in this unity project together, really lift the spirits of the people in the communities we serve and help the local businesses - the superheroes of our community!


The Front Porch Project BR Announcement (email or post)

Contact Form Template

Email for Reaching out before Shoot Day Template

Photo Release via Photo Company Template

Post 2 of your favorite photos at The Front Porch Project Facebook Group using this template

Book a call with Aimee HERE if you have any questions.


About the Front Porch Project BR Team:

Jenn Ocken Photography

We believe LOVE is always available and it has an amazing story to tell us. - Jenn Ocken

Documentary photographers capturing the fine art of life.


We believe in the local business community of Baton Rouge we are in the business of helping those companies succeed in business and in life with new customers and better cash flow.


Moxey is a community of business owners who are committed to upgrading their business and their lives through the power of barter. Moxey is the national brand of communities, like PartnersOne, that serves 16 cities in the south.



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