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Moxey gives users access to a community of new customers. Use Moxey Dollars just like regular money in stores and through our online merchant account portal.

New customers. Higher revenues. Better cash flow.

Last year, we processed 100,000 transactions totaling more than 20 million in volume. This meant new customers, higher revenues and better cash flow for more then 4,000 companies that already use Moxey.  

Now, let Moxey go to work for you.


How does Moxey work?

It’s easy to buy and receive payment for anything in Moxey.

Here’s how you get started… 


Step One 

Sign your business up for a Moxey account. Earning Moxey is as simple as accepting a new form of payment. As soon as your company starts accepting Moxey, you'll have 4,000 more potential customers.

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Step Two

Use your Moxey card to purchase goods and services at 1000’s of businesses right where you are, using our app or our online merchant account portal. Funds move instantly and you can access all of your account activity in the online dashboard. 

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Step Three

Keep receiving Moxey as a form of payment and spending as you would with cash. Moxey even works like a credit card, allowing you to have a negative balance with no fees, so you can grow your business like never before. 

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